(Sold) Nomad 883 for Sale - As New, Bamboo Enclosure

The Nomad 883 is a great desktop CNC router. My build area needs have changed, and I will need a larger CNC mill (Unfortunately at a much higher cost!).

I only did some very short testing with the mill, it has about 30 minutes of actual use time. It is in absolutely perfect as new condition:

You will receive:

One as new, in perfect condition, Nomad 883 - Bamboo in its original shipping box, and properly packed.

It will come with the standard set of accessories such as the sample aluminum sheet, synthetic wood block, carpet tape, cutter and wrenches.

In addition you will also get:

One Low Profile Vise, $120 value

One Flip Jig, $120 value

One new MeshCam Pro license

And - a full factory warranty from the arrival of your new Nomad 883.

There is currently a 10 - 12 week waiting time on a new order, so this is a way to get the exact same thing you would have to wait for at a great price!

Iā€™m going to put this up here for a week and offer this at a better price than on eBay, and as support to the Carbide 3D community.

Price, which will include shipping and all the accessories, is $2500.

You can contact me at pcb355@gmail.com.

Thanks for looking!

ā€“ Paul

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interested in offer can we talk