SOLD *** Selling our new Nomad 883 pro, UK **** SOLD

Hi All,

Unfortunately we are looking at selling our Nomad 883 pro, it is brand new (old one got sent for replacement) and we haven’t even taken it out of the box as we have decided we do not need it for our company now.

Here is the Link, we are based in Birmingham, UK.

We also have End Mills and material that we will be willing to provide along with the Nomad.

We are looking for £3100 ono.


Ebay Link

I’m a little confused… 2599 USD turns out to be 2424 Euro.
Where as 3100 Gbp turns out to be 3598 Gbp.

Do i miss something?

Kind regards, Robert Glotzbach

I suspect that that pricing includes monies spent on shipping, import duties, &c. which they are hoping to recoup, and when compared to the actual price of getting a machine into the country is more reasonable.

Also the pound has had a marked devaluation relative to many (most? all?) other currencies recently, skewing the conversion numbers.

Thanks William,

Yes, I considered that. But as far as I can see the import duties are less then 100 euro.
My gues for the shipping is that it will not exceed $200 or $300.
Anyway, I will see if there is a dealer here in Europe to make things more easy.

Kind regards, Robert

Hi, this item is sold.


it costs a lot on import tax in the UK

Since the item is sold, the thread topic title has been so marked, and the thread will be closed.