[SOLD] Shapeoko 3 XXL bundle/lot - Austin, TX

Our company is downsizing/transitioning and needs to make some more room. Henceforth, we are selling our Shapeoko 3 XXL we purchased in November of 2019. With lots of additional accessories/bonuses (has to be sold complete).

Machine has seen very little machining usage and was really only used for dragknife cutting of one of our products.

Shapeoko 3 XXL with 5/8" thick, single piece ATP-5 cast plate baseboard (baseboard worth $390).

15" MacBook Pro with clean install of macOS and Carbide Motion pre-installed

Donek D3 dragknife (worth $249)

APC Battery Backup

BitZero with BitZero caddy holder and strong magnetic clip.

SuckIt Pro Dust Boot + parts (includes two spare clear dust boots).

Carbide3D Compact Router + Extra Brushes + Precision Collets

Miscellaneous bits/endmills: Stock Carbide3D bits that came with the machine (60º V-bit, and 1/4" endmill) in addition to a Whiteside 6210 surfacing bit, Onsrud single flute upcut bit, and an Onsrud engraving bit. Qty 5: 1.2mm endmills, and Qty 5: 1.5mm endmills.

Asking $2500 (firm) out the door.

In the south Austin, TX area. Can not ship and can not deliver. Recommend bringing a truck. :slight_smile:

Pictures of the machine and items included for sale:

Machine is still for sale. Person who was interested didn’t want to make the drive.

I’m in Austin and know someone who might be interested but doesn’t need the laptop. Will you sell them separate?

Sure! Can take $150 off total since the MacBook is a vintage one anyways.

Id be interested in the MacBook for $150!

@ScaleHobbies If the Shapeoko sells without the laptop, I’ll let you know about it.

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I’ve got a 13yr old that lives by Apple and would love to tinker on that! Keep me posted.

Just a heads up I traded my mint 2013 MacBook Pro in on a new one earlier this year and apple gave me $400 trade in value. Not sure if the intel models are losing value now with the née M1 chip. Anyway, I shared the info good luck!

Sweepy 2.0 has been removed from Bundle (sold to forum member).

Bundle still has the highly desired Suckit Pro dust boot system. :slight_smile:

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Update: Price now $2300 Firm (Includes MacBook still)

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Bundle is still for sale. :slight_smile: