SOLD: Shapeoko 3 XXL in Los Angeles

Selling my barely used and perfectly functioning XXL . Purchased in July 2019. I love it, but need the space. Only 8 or so cuts done with this machine.

Includes PWNCNC dust boot, at least 12 endmills, 1/4"+1/8" collets, threaded inserts for more wasteboard mounting points, 4 metal workholding clamps, aftermarket height+x/y touchprobe, small air compressor and nozzle for chip removal, 123 blocks, magnetic arm, ear protectors, assembly tools and unused name plate (brag that you built it!).

Invested a lot in it, learned a lot from it, wish I could keep it. Selling for $1600

In Los Angeles. You will need to pick up and observe covid distancing and wear a mask. Does not include workbench or enclosure.

More pics available, only able to post one photo

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