SOLD: Shapeoko 3 XXL Seattle

About 1.5 years old. Located in the Seattle area. Comes with machine only, no router or bits. $900

I got a little ahead of myself. Price is $900. Need the space back.

Have your tried Facebook or craigslist? I sold an XXL for 1.4K (with bits) in the DC Maryland area using those sale avenues. It helps if you can demo the machine working. You can also throw in a set of belts if the buyer is worried about wear since belts seem to be such a bogy man online. Looking at you reddit.

do you Ship? I’m in Canada but I could use a larger format machine :slight_smile:

You should post it on the shapeoko subreddit. I mentioned something about the possibility of selling mine and 3 people were interested in the area.

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I wonder if anyone would notice that I have two XXLs in my shed?.. :thinking:

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Just say that you left the power on overnight and it must have replicated itself.

They say you need a lathe to make a lathe, and if you leave a lathe unattended that is exactly what happens. I was in the middle of explaining this, when I had a complete blank of memory and woke up 2 hrs later with a black eye and request for something with a diamond at the heart…
The moral of the tale? Hide the second one…

There is actually a book on this premise:

Everyone should at least look through:

Sold. Thanks everyone.

I have a friend who refers to achieving critical mass of tools; he says that’s where you have enough tools that no one notices when you add another. With an XXL that would take a lot of tools.


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