Solution to prevent dust from Stepper Motor!

Hello all , I create file hop it will help most users to prevent dust from Stepper Motor . printed with Flexible TPU filament .

shapr3d_export_2020-04-07_02h31m.stl (76.4 KB)



I’m wondering why those openings are there if they don’t have a purpose (other than collecting dust?)


The housings are also used for stepper motors which have shafts projecting at both ends — presumably it’s less expensive to have one housing for either option.

I’m surprised there isn’t a commodity dust cover which would fit.


Someone here has glued on heatsinks. I’m going to look for larger ones to fit both purposes.

Good job @Omar +1

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don’t glue it , good to have only cover so it is easy to lubricant the bearings, I usually use skateboard hi speed bearing lubricant drops to each stepper motor



Why would you need to lubricate the bearings of a stepper motor?

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If the bearings are sealed so no need to cover anything. How ever in this big ole world I can’t say all stepper motors have sealed bearings. The dust on the wheels ans rails is far more problematic.


I believe there were plans to have a “V-Slider” instead of a wheel which would mostly alleviate the rail dust issue but haven’t seen anything come of it as of yet!

We have mid year check and maintenance proses in our workshop our process includes machines parts that we have to keep all parts clean and safe for more lifespan

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Agreed , More sealed more safe the bearings absolutely sealed but you have part of the shaft with O ring still need to cover

I see some sort of grey clip over the top of the carriage cutout to hold the wires down. great idea. Where does one get such clips? thanks

thank you ! I posted the file before if you like to print it

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thanks for the response. I do not have a 3-D printer, but good old blue tape seems to work. I just thought perhaps these were commercially available. I think C3d should supply at least some sort of split smooth plastic grommet to fill that hole.


I do not have a 3d printer but I can easily make one in my woodshop.
Thanks for the idea.

Question - how did you attach the part to the Y-Carriage plate ?


My plan is to check for a suitable dust cap when I can next get into a hardware store.

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Part size is tight enough To fit with no problem or move

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