Some interface tweaks

I had a few interface tweaks I wanted to request:

  • Any way to get the description in the Tool list? Right now I have a 60 degree and a 90 degree V-bit and both show up as “0.5 in Vee” which is not very helpful.
  • Any way to save our own default feeds and speeds for a new tool?
  • Is there a reason in the toolpath why the max depth defaults to “0.394?” A few times I have forgotten to change this and my brain, seeing that there is a number there, assumes that I have set it.
  • The Library Elements would be a thousand times more useful if I could add my own SVGs
  • Is there any way to warn before quitting an unsaved file?

Alos, just out of curiosity, what language is CC coded in?


My grid defaults to .197" as well. Somewhere on here I’d started a long list of (mostly small) feature requests. Occasionally someone lights a fire under someone and we get a bunch of new features in rapid succession, followed by long periods of quietness.

The grid default comes from the program originally being in metric — 0.197 inches ~= 5mm


The cutting depth is the one that doesn’t make sense to me. I get that it’s about 10mm but why default this at all? Set it to zero and warn me if I try to submit it that way. Otherwise my brain scans past it and says, “there’s a value there, I must have set that.”

And yes, I probably need a better brain. :grinning:

I figured as much. I mean, I get UI creation sucks but if nothing else these defaults could be read from a config.xml file stuck somewhere accessible on the drive. It wouldn’t be as ideal as editing in the program itself but it would make it editable nonetheless.

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