Some quick end mill advice

I just want to make sure these will work together and with the nomad 883 before ordering them. Thanks everyone!

ER11 Collet Set
End Mill Set AMS-143

The ER11 collet set… yes; you may want a couple extra nuts also since the collets “clip” into the nut and for the common sizes is it nice to not always have to un-clip the collet from the nut (not hard to do, just nice to have your 1/8" collet always seated in its own nut).

As for the end mill set… WOW, those are long. The specs say most are 3" long, and some 4" long. I’m not sure the exact maximum on the Nomad, but if the tool is too long so the Z axis is still doing a rapid move down to the tool length sensor, I think that it a problem. I think the tool must be short enough so that the Z axis stops doing a rapid move down and starts the slow descent, and then the tool length sensor can be triggered.

I seem to recall someone else on this forum had a similar problem with a long drillbit. Maybe someone else can comment on max tool length ?


I’ve had great luck with the endmills from the Carbide3d store and Drillman1 on eBay.

And I would avoid bits that are longer than 2" long. It’s just a theory of mine but I feel like the more the bit is sticking out of the collet, the more vibration and potential for missed steps there is. I think you can only jam a bit 1" or so into the collet before it tops out.

And why 1/4" bits? For detail work I would stick with 1/8" bits.

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Avoid bits longer than 2 inches. They won’t work, because of the probing. If you notice, it rapidly moves down, then stops after a moment. I tried with a 7mm drill bit, and it crashed into the switch, such that I was afraid of breaking things and slapped the E-stop with some rapidity. (No apparent damage fortunately.)

It looks like it’s software, though so the probing routine could be updated. However, until then I would strongly suggest: DON’T USE LONG BITS.

Thanks for all the information guys! I appreciate it, and saved me from a potentially costly purchase. I’ve already had one sketchy moment with the machine itself, so I dont want to experience to many more.

Thank you all again!