Something is definitely wrong with the Y-axis

Got my machine put together last night (the build quality and Winston’s instructions are fantastic), initialized it and the y-axis makes a pretty remarkable amount of noise.

The pulleys seem to be good and tight. The belts are equally tensioned according to the instructions. When I jog along the y axis it does seem to want to twist slightly like both motors aren’t engaging. I’m about to go mess with it and check continuity on everything but if anybody has any ideas I’m absolutely open to them.


have you checked visually that none of the two Y pulleys is slipping on its motor shaft ?

Well I figured it out - it’s a bad motor. I took both belts off and ran an initialize on it. The right motor spun as it’s supposed to but the left motor did this:

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Right, then wiring inspecting time, and then (if not done already) contact !

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I disconnected/reconnected all the wires and even moved it to the R driver plug and the behavior was the same.

Just shot support an email with the findings. Hopefully they can get me a new motor quickly.

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While you wait for a response from support, I suggest you try and inspect the wires themselves, all along their length, looking for any damage/pinching. The other thing could be a miswired motor.

It seems like it’s an extremely rare event (as perceived from this forum at least) when it’s the stepper motor itself that is faulty.

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Because I’m a terribly impatient person I toned out the wires on the extension cable and they were fine. I took apart the plugs to ensure everything was terminated adequately, everything looked good and now for some reason it works!! I guess it is a poorly terminated connector so I’m going to spend some quality time tonight tightening those up.