Something that would help out people like me

I am not a tec no gadget person. I’m one that just follows you instructions. So when I purchased my bit setter I followed the instructions and set it up as per the instructions and did what they said to do. But when done it didn’t work correctly. After asking and received help all is good. The problem was I had not went into the new version of cc or cm and set the processor to my machine. That was something new in it. It would help a lot if when updated software is put out tell us what has to be changed in the set up. Not all of us know to change things. Just following directions. Carbide 3D is a great company n I love my machine n the tec help for me has been great. But I follow directions if not told to do something I don’t do it maybe it’s just me

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Not sure if this will help but if you go to and go to the bottom of the page and click on Carbide Create and then go to the link and scroll down there is a change log. Here is some of the 5xx changes.

A ways back in 452 the change was made to add post processors:


  • (NEW) New post processor system. Be sure to pick GRBL as the post processor if you have a Shapeoko without homing.



  • (NEW) Trace settings persist through multiple runs of the command.
  • (NEW) Better corner cleanup for tracing.
  • (NEW) Trace image fits to view when window is shown.


  • (NEW) Added first-pass at a tracing command.


  • (NEW) Added first pass at Trace Image command. Don’t expect much yet.


  • (FIX) Fix licenses not being remembered on restart.


  • (FIX) Made license entry more tolerant of bad email formatting.


  • (FIX) Updated code for “Send to Carbide Motion”. Tested with CM 526.
  • (FIX) Save As ensures correct extension for Carbide Create designs.
  • (FIX) Save gcode ensures a correct extension for gcode.


  • (FIX) Step down shown for 3D Finishing toolpaths.
  • (FIX) Speeds/feeds not always updated after editing.
  • (NEW) Change buttons to tabs to set mode.
  • (NEW) Group boxes around toolpath buttons.
  • (NEW) Change status bar text font and size.


  • (FIX) Roughing and finishing toolpaths hidden if Pro mode is not enabled.
  • (FIX) Rounding on Scale command handled better.
  • (NEW) Reset view after Job Setup command.
  • (NEW) Advanced VCarve saves max depth as default.
  • (NEW) Last gcode folder saved separately.
  • (NEW) Last image import folder saved separately.


  • (FIX) Toolpath edit pane and bad tab order.


  • (NEW) Background image folder is saved now.
  • (FIX) Top row of toolpath buttons were spread out.
  • (FIX) Bad tab order on Background Setup pane.
  • (FIX) Bad tab order on Job Setup pane.
  • (FIX) Import SVG/DXF doesn’t save folder location.
  • (FIX) Units handled wrong in Job Setup command.


  • (NEW) Carbide Create for Windows is now 64-bit.
  • (FIX) Icons updated for Grid and Background commands.
  • (FIX) Toolpath button text could be clipped.
  • (FIX) Vectors revert to old position when hitting “Done” in move/rotate/scale.


  • (FIX) Inconsistent default names for contour and 3d finish toolpaths.
  • (FIX) Inconsistent order and button width for Ok/Cancel and Apply/Done.
  • (NEW) Join command, when applied to a single vector, fill force it closed.
  • (NEW) Tool tips when hovering over a toolpath now shows name and tool used.


  • (NEW) Changed the way the toolpath list is updated. Should be smoother with updates and changes now.
  • (NEW) Left pane will expand more now if the sizer is moved.
  • (NEW) Focus shifted back to drawing, if visible, after each command.
  • (FIX) Font height is now persistent within a Carbide Create session.
  • (FIX) Font selection is now persistent across Carbide Create sessions.
  • (FIX) Edit Toolpath tab order wrong.


  • (FIX) Some toolpaths don’t update if a contour is deleted.
  • (FIX) Update design buttons after group/ungroup.
  • (FIX) Update 2D view automatically after group/ungroup.
  • (NEW) Double qlick text object brings up text command for editing.
  • (NEW) Fit to window on restart.


  • (FIX) Toolpath strike through didn’t change when toolpath is enabled/disabled.
  • (FIX) Design/Model/Toolpath buttons grabbed focus.
  • (FIX) Model command buttons were grabbing focus.
  • (FIX) Toolpath buttons were grabbing focus.
  • (FIX) Progress for advanced vcarve not granular enough.
  • (FIX) When loading a files with tabs, the tabs become visible in the design view.
  • (FIX) Program zero could be incorrectly updated when running Job Setup.
  • (FIX) Angle is reset after hitting “Apply” in Rotate Command.
  • (NEW) Values in Job Setup command used as defaults for creating new documents.
  • (NEW) More checking for out-of-memory conditions during toolpath simulation.
  • (NEW) Initial empty document created using the New File command for consistency.
  • (NEW) Prior rectangle corner radius is now persistent and used to create future rectangles.


  • (FIX) Crash in a specific undo combination with modelling.
  • (FIX) Bad join in “triangle test”.
  • (FIX) It was possible to create a toolpath with the start depth below the max depth.
  • (FIX) Start depth and max depth were not validated properly.
  • (FIX) Default document settings based on previous file, not the last time the Job Setup command was run.
  • (FIX) Fit to View did not update size of program zero and labels correctly.
  • (FIX) Command buttons no longer get tab focus.
  • (FIX) Parameter tab order in Design Pane was wrong.


  • (NEW) Better toolpath linking and ordering for Texture toolpath.
  • (FIX) Texture toolpath progress not reliably reported.


  • (FIX) Undo ends node editing even if the command is still valid.
  • (FIX) Some rectangle fillets ended up with three nodes.


  • (FIX) Scaling-by-dragging no longer blows up selected item if the drag causes the item to flip.
  • (FIX) Texture toolpaths not always finishing calculation.
  • (FIX) Some node handles incorrectly shown when editing a rectangle.
  • (FIX) Align command disabled when only one vector was selected.
  • (FIX) Radius parameter enabled when editing rectangle with square corners.


  • (FIX) Toolpath hovering in left pane works again.
  • (FIX) Double error when changing Num Sides/Width/Height/Radius values.
  • (FIX) Problem with Pocket Toolpaths not outputting gcode.
  • (FIX) Some toolpaths showing “Calculating 100%” but no machine time.
  • (FIX) Better handling of memory allocation errors when calculating simulation.
  • (FIX) In design pane, edit box is hidden if all commands in it are hidden.


  • (NEW) All new code for user interface. Features should be similar to prior build but look different.
  • (NEW) To edit text, select it and then click on the Text command.
  • (NEW) Background image and grid setup are now under separate commands.
  • (NEW) FILE FORMAT CHANGE - Older files should load into build 500 and later without problems but prior versions will not load toolpaths from build 500 or newer.


  • (FIX) Comments filtered to remove some non-gcode characters from gcode.

Guy, I’m thinking that you just proved his whole point about C3D and the find-it-where-you-can information system! :smiley:

Bob: I hear you!
Guy: So these change logs are just FYI posted? We need to go back and read them to know what changes have been made?
Not being a smart a$$, I’m with Bob; I just ordered my Pro and trying to get up to speed.


Those change logs that Guy referenced are not required reading. They do illustrate the nature of any software that is constantly being upgraded. It is the nature of the beast.

As a new user you need to pick a starting point and go from there. Otherwise it will just add to an already challenging system to learn.

General good advice is - if possible - go with a release level that has been in use for several months. It may not have the latest bells and whistles but it will be more stable.

The above paragraph is not always the most appropriate. For instance if a feature you really want / need is only in the latest release level then that will be the deciding factor.

Software is always a give and take. It is not a linear decision.