Sorry another Probing question

Just received my shapeoko probe, when I run the Z limit it always comes up .0031. I’m running through carbide motion, should I have to lower the bit every time? You would think software would know this, or is it just me?
Thank you Ron

So I was helped with a similar issue. When you run the probe z only it is assuming you are putting the probe on top of the flat surface. After it sets zero it will lift .0031 above the surface it still remembers zero. If you click on the rapid position for z it will go to 6mm above the workspace. HOWEVER, If you put your probe on the corner with the lips over the edge, using just the z only adjustment won’t be accurate (it still thinks it’s using the whole height of probe) so you have two choices, he the x,y,z and put the probe on the corner, or set the hole probe on surface and use the z only. —- I learned this the hard way and had it chewing 3mm into the material.

Also when you run program it knows it’s up that high. You want it there so it doesn’t cut top of your urface at start

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I don’t know if it is the same as the OP’s issue, but my probe is consistently 0.3mm off of zero in Z, regardless of where on the XXL I probe or if I use the ‘Z’-only or the ‘X,Y,Z’ method. It’s almost like my probe is slightly smaller than expected. I’d be interested in anyone with calipers to measure the height of the probe.

I thinking I’m zeroing after I run the probe, I should not zero?

Based on my understanding, it is supposed zero for you.


Thank you John, I think that was my problem.

Wow, how did you get a probe? They’re always sold out when I check, and I haven’t gotten an email.

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