Source for good quality ER11 collets

I’m pretty sensitive to people pretending to not be marketing their products, while doing that exact thing, and I did not get that feeling from reading your post. It was good info as far as I am concerned.



Even if one did read it as marketing, it’s informative and helpful so valuable anyway.

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I guess I assumed that manufacturers of pro quality tooling like Rego Fix and Techniks would use some standard (like ISO 1940-1?) for their balance ratings, but I couldn’t find that so I’ll ask them; particularly about this beauty from Rego Fix.

I assumed that the OP, like most, would try to measure runout from the spoil-board. The measurement error caused by imperfections in the spindle mounting and spoil-board could greatly exceed any spindle/collet runout. That’s what I was attempting to express in my post.

Rego Fix uses a DIN standard (note the clamping ranges), I suspect that Techniks does too, but I’ll ask them.

I’m also living in Europe and I rarely need anything other than 3mm and 6mm, 4 and 5mm seem pretty rare to me…

And back on topic, don’t know about the US but in Switzerland, I usually buy my ER-11 collets from:

I’ve also bought some from Sorotec (metric, Imperial-compatible) and CNCFraises (1/8" and the rest metric for some reason).

And REGO-FIX can be bought here but I haven’t tried these yet. Really should though…


Appreciate the feedback from you both. My goal in this is to provide good information.

I’m sure they do have a standard or they wouldn’t have the reputation that they do. It just frustrating that it’s not listed. The way I see this is that they are picking a standard and putting their name behind it that the one they have picked is universally good for that RPM.

To expand a little on the 1940-1. It actually a rotor balancing standard (title is Mechanical vibration — Balance quality requirements for rotors in a constant (rigid) state). It has been used for pretty much anything that can be rotationally balanced.

A lot of manufacturers have started moving away from it to 16084. This allows for multi component accepted unbalance. Which is fine but requires a lot more information about all the pieces in the system, spindle, and tooling.

Not sure as I’ve never seen it. Might want to check if SYIC list one, as if memory serves, Techniks is SYIC’s US distributor.


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