SP XXL stops job not long into cutting

Hi folks, first time this has happened to me, looks like the GCode is bad. I created a file in VCarve from a JPG logo I wanted to cut. I traced the .jpg in the software and was able to create a toolpath from it with no issues. Since this is the first time I’ve done a tracing, maybe I missed something. Attached is a screenshot of the error displayed. I couldn’t attach the gcode, file type not allowed, what else would help that I can upload?

Thanks in advance for any help you can render.


This could be a lost connection, or it could be an error in your post-processor settings.

Which version of Vectric are you using? Are you fully up-to-date?

Which post-processor are you using?

Hi Will,

I reran the job and it stops at the same point, plus I haven’t ever had a disconnect, not to say that’s not it.

I’m using VCarve Desktop 11.003
The Post Processor is Shapeoko (inch)


Please try the metric version of the post processor and let the Vectric support folks know about it — not the first time for this problem, last was 10.5, but it was supposed to be fixed in 10.5.4

Will do, thank you for your help sir.

The Shapeoko (mm) worked like a charm for this file. Thanks for the workaround.

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