Spare parts; what to do?

I upgraded my S03 to an XXL. That means I have the S03 rails, the front and back assemblies they mount to, the x and y belts and the stock wasteboard that the S03 came with originally. Also, I have an extra upgraded Z plate since my original S03 came with that already. So, if you had these parts lying around, what would you do with them?

With some work, the SO3 rails would make a nice beefy delta printer.

No idea what to do with the extra Z plate though, I still have my old one sitting around. Too specialized to really be useful for anything, but too nice to throw out

I have long maintained that we need to work up a program where a person who has upgraded their machine can donate their spare parts to a school or non-profit, and Carbide 3D then sells them a kit of the remaining parts at cost with the understanding that the donor will help to support the school.


I think that’s a great idea. I just upsized my SO3 to an xxl too. I’d definitely donate my remaining standard parts to something like this.