Speed settings for the Carbide 3D compact router

Since the carbide 3D “compact router” comes with no documentation, I have no idea what speeds the dial settings correspond to. Can someone point me to where I can find this?



There should be a manual in the box along with the wrench(es) and a spare pair of brushes — contact us at support@carbide3d.com if you don’t have these things (though I’d pass on the stamped wrench and just get a low profile 13mm and a stubby 22mm).

There is a speed chart at:

One thing to remember is that the chart, even if measured is not 100% accurate and there may be differences between one router/spindle and another similar at the same setting. However, it is generally a good indication of the router/spindle speed for most CNC operations.

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Yeah, I got the wrenches… and promptly discarded the 13mm one after it bent…

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Yep, no paperwork comes with the router.(or at least it didn’t come with mine).
And the bags are no longer labeled.
Also, the head of the m-5 screws do not fit the provided tool. ( had to take a slightly larger metric allen wrench and grind the sides down to fit into the screw heads, they appear to be chromed iron and the chrome coating is too thick).
among other things…
anyhow, all the needed parts are there and with effort on the owners part it can become a pretty decent machine.

Please put all that in a message to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll pass it on to the folks doing QC.

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