Speeds and feeds question

White side router 1540 info missing from their archive anyone have some basic 2d/ 3D speeds and feeds for this?


Speed and Feeds are also determined on the cutter’s material. This looks like it is a HSS (High Speed Steel) tool. Can you confirm the material?

New to CNC Only using wood currently. I should hould have specified.

I emailed the company inquiring I’ll post what they push me. I am just being impatient and was hopeful someone had the info already.

From their website:

Whiteside 1540 is Solid Carbide

Part # Cutting Dia. Point Length Overall Length
1/4" SHANK
* 1540 1/4" 7/32" 1-1/2"
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Here is what they sent me in case anyone has
The same bit. Thanks for the reply’s and assistance. Great community thus far.

Here are some recommended starting points for the 1540:

2D speeds and feeds- 20,000 to 24,000 RPM at 80 ipm (higher rpm for shallow detail work)

plunge rate in: 25 ipm

feedrate in: 25 ipm

RPM in: 20,000 RPM

Depth in: start at max 1/8” per pass

3D speeds and feeds: 20,000 to 24,000 at 80 ipm (higher RPM for shallow detail work)

finish allowance in: 25 ipm

Feedrate: in: 25 ipm

RPM: in: 20,000 RPM

Stepover% - really small since this is a pointed bit. I would start around 5%.

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I think that is a 2 flute bit.

I’d do
60 inches / minute feed
18 inches / minute plunge
18000 rpm
1/8" DOC

If it was a 3 flute but like the Amana tool bit I’d up it to 90 inches / minute.


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