Spice Rack Christmas Gift

Here are some pictures of a spice rack I made for a Christmas present.

I thought she was exaggerating when she said she had 60 different spices to organize, but there are 56 jars full of spices on the rack as I write this.

It is a tight fit in the cupboard. If the rack shifts 1/8" it will run into the other rack or the side of the cabinet. I recessed the turntables in a piece of wood to keep them in one place.

Instead of coming up with an idea that would work with every kind of spice jar I purchased some square victorian glass jars from Specialty Glass in Seattle. I could then cut some recesses to fit the jars. There are three recesses in the inside for spare jars.

I used indexing pins and held the blank in place with screws to avoid having to cut and clean up tabs.

It is a two step process. First step is to cut the 4 indexing holes and the three screw holes. Then I screw work piece to the chunk of plywood with the pins in it and then cut the recesses and outline.

Wood scraps along the sides are so the suckit dust boot will not loose suction when hanging over the edge of the work piece.

The posts are Aluminum that I turned on my lathe. Lazy Susans were from Amazon.

i used bamboo, not because I like it, but because a few years ago I got a great deal on 700 bdft of the stuff from a local ski manufacturer. Not my favorite wood to work with, but the price is right.

Everybody seems to be pretty happy with the result.


Beautiful work pdx_curious.

What sort of lathe are you running?

Ages ago, I had a rack which was designed to hold the old One-a-Day glass pull top vitamin bottles — really regret having lost it — agree the container standardization is a huge improvement.

I have a prewar South Bend heavy 10R. Serial number dates it at about 1942.

Guy I bought it from says his great uncle, a retired physician, bought it new and he was the third owner. It is in great condition, so I have no reason do doubt him.