Spindle and carving collision avoidance

Hello. I’m working on some deep carvings, is there a way in Fusion or otherwise to establish if there will be a collision or a way of ‘setting’ the bit height? Or is the only way to manually check for potential issues?

Also, I have a carving half done and I’m worried it will collide, I’m guessing the only solution is recreate g code and run it from the start? And somehow edit the g code so it starts where I left off?


If the endmill you selected in Fusion is correctly defined (dimensions/shape of the endmill and its holder), and if you use a stickout length that matches the one declared in Fusion, then the Fusion simulation should tell you if a collision will happen (red bars in the simulation timeline / endmill turning red)

If you find out that your current (half-done) toolpath will generate a collision during the rest of the cut, you could alter the retraction policies/distances to avoid the collision, and then either rerun the full toolpath (if you don’t mind the time lost recutting air, that’s of course the easiest/safest), or indeed edit the g-code, but that will require that you know around which line you interrupted the cut, and then play with copy/paste (keep the header, remove the already executed lines, keep the footer). If you do that, I would strongly recommend that you check the resulting edited g-code file in a g-code visualizer.


Great thank you, the cut worked out okay in the end, but I will do those checks in Fusion for future work.

I dont use F360 so I cannot add but I use cam type clamps. With the cams clamps from the Myers spoil board I do not have to worry about clamps sticking up too high. In Carbide Create you can set a retract height that would always lift the Z axis up enough not to hit previously cut work. F360 probably has a similar function. This a picture of the Myers clamps I cut out six months ago. The smaller clamps were remade to put the long grain in an orientation to give maximum strength and were made of red oak. I also made more of the larger clamps because I tend to use them more than the smaller clamps. If necessary I use scrap wood if the clamps do not quite clamp the project. You can find the Myers clamps on youtube by searching for Myers Woodshop. He has the plans on etsy.com for a few bucks or has them free on his website. The files are described in the video.

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