Spindle Change Required

Why would my machine not cut after it calls for a spindle change? It just moves back and forth? I don’t need a spindle change, I am just trying to clean up a piece with a different stepover and .001 deeper.

Are you saying that the Z is not moving?
What Z axis do you have?

I have the bit setter. But I set the depth at .3137 as max depth. I’ve tried shutting the machine off and resetting it. Even disabled the bit setter and still have the same problem. X & Y are Zeroed out.

So, the Z is not moving? Or it’s just not reaching that extra .001"?

The machine cycles to the back when I select Resume. Then when I select Start Job, it goes to the middle of my piece and prompts for another spindle change? I cannot get it to start cutting. It just keeps saying Spindle Change?

Can you share your new gcode?

It does the same thing if I select Tool Change.

Mom & Dads Anniversary cleanup

You might need to add it to a zip file to upload it.

Ok, I’ll tackle that in the morning. Thanks so much Neil.

I’m just wondering if you actually have any toolpaths in the file.

Originally I just adjusted the 1st tool path to the depth I wanted and saved that gcode, but that’s when it wouldn’t cut. So today I created a whole different tool path and separate gcode and it wants to start cutting now. However, I just want to clean up this piece so I’m only going down another .001. My problem now is it won’t start at the depth I want it to start at and wants to take another 3+ hours to clean it up. Am I putting in the wrong numbers?

I do appreciate all your help and expertise. I’m trying to work through all the bugs.

Should I reset my z to the bottom of my piece and go from there?

Mom & Dad Anniversary cleanup.nc (2.1 MB)


Running the #201, a 0.001 won’t cut. It will just rub. Around 0.003 will start cutting.
Running on pine will give you those “left-overs” and usually I can remove those by rubbing it with a rounded pick tool.
Even it you tried to clean that with a 0.001 or a 0.003 clean pass, it wont. It will leave the same thing (almost exactly) you would need to change the step-over so that the paths are not identical.
If it were me, I would change to a 0.125 for the clean-up and outside offsets.
but, well, I am Mindless…

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That being said, do I set the start and the max depth both at .003? And should I reset my Z to the bottom where I want it to start cutting?

Hey @Hof,
I don’t use Create, but why not set your depth per pass to your full depth?
Maybe that start depth setting isn’t working?

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Hey John,

If you’ve already cut to .3137 and you want to go .003 deeper then your start would be .3137 and your max depth would be .3167. You could also set your start at zero, your max depth to .3167 (.003 deeper than your last op), and then change your depth of cut to =/>.3167.

You could reset z to bottom and set start to zero and max cut depth to .003 too but that introduces just another step.

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Ok, modify the tool setting. Makes sense. What create are you using if I may ask? I know I am just getting started, but I can already see how limited it is.