Spindle doesn't restart after pause?

Shapeoko Pro XXL, Bitrunner V2, Carbide Motion, V-Carve Pro, Dell 27" Touchscreen all in one.

Bit changes, during a program run, works as expected, However, if I hit pause while a the machine is running, for example, I want to clear something out of the tool bit, or dab a bit of cutting fluid, When I hit restart, the spindle moves back to the cutting path, but doesn’t restart, so instead of letting it plow into the material, I hit pause again.
What am I missing?
when I go to the jog window, and hit the spindle run button, it doesn’t work either.

After a pause, on resume, the spindle will lower to it’s designated retract distance, start the spindle and then lower more into the cut.
Maybe you didn’t give it the chance?

As Neil said the spindle does not power on until it is almost ready to cut. The first time I had it happen I thought the same thing. Keep your hand on the off button just in case but the spindle will come on just before it starts to cut.

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Okay, I’ll give it a chance, I haven’t broke a bit yet with this machine, did carve up some stuff that wasn’t supposed to be carved up, but haven’t broke a bit yet.


Just a thought: I don’t know if it’s the same with the PRO XXL as it is for the SO3 XXL, but if you use a feed hold switch to pause the machine, you need to press the switch twice for control to go back to the CM software.

Essentially, the first press of the feed hold button will raise the Z axis and stop the spindle, the second press will return ‘control’ to CM.

Of course, it might be different on the PRO…

Finally revisited this today. And yes, when you hit pause, the router will shut off, and raise out of the cut. When I hit start, it will go down, and restart the router right above where it was paused.

I find it strange, that when you’re in the paused mode, that you can’t jog the machine around, and after trying to jog the machine around, You can no longer go back to “Run”. A failing of the whole gerbil based controller design.

In order to do this you are supposed to:

  • cancel the current job — this allows things to shut down gracefully so the machine can be in a known state — make note of the last line sent
  • make any desired adjustments
  • open the G-Code file in a text editor, copy out the pre-amble, go to the line which was last cut, then search up until you find a move down from safe height — delete everything above that point and replace it w/ the pre-amble
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