Spindle gets stuck

Hi everyone,

I have this project where I’m carving a wooden board and I start the process with some adaptive clearing (3.175mm flat cutter, 4mm down, 1mm load and 1800mm/s feedrate).

I first did it in oak and it worked perfectly fine. Because the next operation failed, I decided to start over, only this time I used pine. I figured the wood is softer it should work no problem with the same settings. It started out fine but soon the cutter got stuck and the spindle stopped turning… So I pause the cut and when the cutter gets away from the wood it starts spinning again.

So I changed my settings to 3.175mm flat cutter, 4mm down, 0.7mm load and 1300mm/s feedrate. It failed straight away again.

I have had a couple of fails lately where the cutter gets stuck because of too much load (I’m still learning…). Is it possible I killed the motor spindle? Did I break it? Sorry if my question is a little naive.

Many thanks for your help!

Please contact us at support@carbide3d.com with the specifics and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

Thank you for your reply! I just sent the email.

Assuming there is nothing wrong with your spindle, if I were you I would try lower depth per pass, say 2mm in your case, using a regular pocketing op, and see if that still fails. I would also try that test with a fresh endmill if you can.

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