Spindle Getting Stuck

I’m running a job in some maple with a .25" cutter, and the spindle is getting stuck. Once it stops spinning, it won’t start again. Is this a machine problem or have I done something wrong (as usual)?

Here’s a video of what’s happening:

I can’t seem to find my exact tool settings, but I know they were fairly conservative, though perhaps the plunge rate was too fast.

Here’s my g-code. I feel like if I understood it better I’d be able to tell the tool settings by looking at it.

Please help! I have emailed carbide support about this twice but haven’t heard back…

On a side note, how do I post videos directly into my posts on this forum? Is that allowed? Should I put it on my Vimeo account or something?

Your plunge and feed rate look very fast. My guess is the spindal stalled because of it.

When I was cutting with a .250" tool I was at 40ipm. Can’t recall the plunge rate. It was skipping steps for me too. I think perhaps the .250" cutters are too long for our spindal and as a result are deflecting. I was going to look for a .250" with a shorter shank but haven’t gotten around to it

I couldnt open the file to look at your G Code so I couldnt see what your depth of cut is.

That looks like a huge cutter you got in there boss, is that a 3/8" tool in there ??

Your depth of cut, plunge, speed is probably too big for this spindle

I had the same thing happening to me with Walnut and not a very deep pass and got jammed up over and over, I had to reduce all feeds and speeds to a crawl to get it to cut.

I just replied to your other post about the sounds,
I think that this spindle is not up to the task of cutting Real hardwoods.

I dunno, Im going to keep experimenting but the bulk of what I intended to produce for my business is made of hard woods.

Im kind of disappointed

Please let me know what information the engineers may give you regarding this,
this issue is kind of a make or break for me

I’ve cut a ton of maple and cherry hardwood with the 1/8" cutters. Gives a lot of room to be creative too since the bit is so small. Like I mentioned, I’m willing to bet the 1/4 bits would probably work better if they have a shorter total length - like 1.5"

PS @MrHume I just looked at your video again and your speed is definitely too fast.