Spindle is not working at 100%

Hi guys,

Im finally back to playing with my cnc. I am setting the spindle speed to 10,000 RPM (The max. accoording to what Carbide stipulates). It does not run.

Well it runs in 1 second intervals, then stops, then repeats the cycle. etc…

I repeated this with 9,000 rpm, 8000, 7000, finally at 5,000 rpm it allows me to run trough the program uninterupted.

I have not yet set a stock material, nor a tool into the collet. I was basically doing a dry run.

I also ran an old Gcode I had that I made with a different program and knew it worked and set the spindle speed up to 9,000. Same thing. Spindle stops… set it back down to 3,500rpm, spindle works smoothly.

The above test leads me to conclude it is probably something with the machine and not the codes nor the programs being used to generate them… But frankly, I have no clue.

What I will be machining will be a PCB, so I do need the spindle speed, or so I understand from what Ive gathered of information… Either way, its worrying that the spindle is not running at specification levels…

Any help as to why the spindle is not running at its optimal speed would be appreciated.

Thanks a million,


@aderienzo shoot us an email to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll figure it out.