Spindle Motor - how hot should it get?

Hi Carbide3D team,

Noticed my spindle/spindle motor changed tune a bit. Everything still seems to work, but I checked on it between runs, and it felt quite hot to the touch. About as hot as you can comfortably put your finger to, so I would estimate around 55 - 60 deg C on the black part of the spindle motor enclosure. My speed is around 10 kRPM, and the duty cycle of the spindle is maybe 20% (Thanks Meshcam for being so inefficient!).

Is this in line with your expectations?

What are you machining?

Aluminum - but very conservatively. Like I said, the duty cycle is about 20%, so I might as well be machining air. Seems like spindle motor itself is generating all the heat.

My spindle motor has consistently been room temperature to barely warm to the touch. Certainly nothing like 55C. The work has been hardwood using the MeshCAM default settings.

Try blowing out the collet and nut. Maybe the end mill is slipping.

Thanks for the data point.

I have had my Nomad for a week now and I have noticed the same issue

The Spindle Shaft of this will get Extremely hot even after a short period of cutting, I mean too hot to touch for more than a second without getting burnt.

I dont have an infrared thermometer but was thinking about buying one just to give accurate information as far as how high the temp gets.

I work in a cabinet shop and run routers for a living
This amount of heat deosnt seem normal

Have you had any experience with this ?