Spindle Mount Screws

(Miles Baughman) #1

I accidentally used 2 M5x10mm screws on the spindel mount instead of the M5x16mm. They are locktighted, but should I change them out or is it ok?

(William Adams) #2

That’s not much thread engagement — it would be better to use the correct length. Worst case though if things let go is you’d need to use the longer bolts or drill and tap deeper holes.

(Vince) #3

Heat will release hardened loctite btw.

(Miles Baughman) #4

Got it thx. I think it will be fine.

(Luc) #5

For less than a buck of material, I would change them ASAP and put the right length bolts. The cost of a failure could be significant not to mention disruptive.

(Miles Baughman) #6

I changed them thanks for the help all!

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