Spindle not spinning. Any ideas?

I have a simple job in the flip jig. I have already cut it out once using the g-code files so i know theres nothing wrong with them (although i let my mac fall asleep so I was going for attempt #2)

I move the cutter into position, have the file loaded. I get about 5mins in when suddenly the spindle jolts to a sudden stop. Not sure what happened but I decide to get another piece of material and try again (attempt #3).

To be sure i power down the machine, close all the programs and restart them. I take the cutter out and put it back in just to be sure it was in the collet correctly.

When i press begin, the usual happens, asks to insert cutter, does tool measure etc then just as the job is about to start the spindle motor whirrs up but only for about half a second (hardly does a single revolution) and stops. It’s as if something is preventing it from spinning but I cannot see anything that could be the issue.

Has anyone experienced this or got any ideas to try?

Thanks in advance!

OS: Mac OSX 10.9.5
Carbide Motion: V2.0.314

Okay really not sure what is going on here, I have tried various job files (bear with me this is my first 3d job after the Wrench sample).

It’s as if something is jamming the spindle so it auto cuts off after a brief second. Then it might try to start the spindle again and simply cuts off again. I have vacuumed all around the spindle, and cannot see anything that could be stuck or causing it to jam.

Is there any way to see what is happening from the machine end ie a log file?

Hi @mikey, this could be an electrical issue. Can you shoot an email to support @ carbide so we can open a support ticket? Please include your serial number and the date you received the machine.

P.S. You can open a log window by hitting the L key in Carbide Motion

I had similar issues with 2 units, both times the spindle motor needed replacement. Carbide3D support took care of me!

Cheers @dr_g. When i opened the log window I noticed when it cuts out I get a “ALARM: Hard limit
[Reset to continue]”. But i have no idea how to reset it or get out of alarm state. I suppose somethign could be giving false signals to the limit switches or it could be the spindle like you said.