Spindle On /Off reminder during laser job

During a laser cutting process, the gcode program will send S0 or S255. to turn laser Off or On, respectively.
Upon S0, Carbide Motion (CM) sends a message to turn spindle off. I have to send a Resume to continue. Then gcode will send S255 to turn laser On, CM sends a message to turn spindle ON. I have to send a Resume to continue.
My finger gets very tired to click the mouse button especially when doing text characters.
I get folks at Carbide3D forgot about laser issue.

What should I do ?. Help

Use a different sender.


I can attest to this.

Carbide3D is using Carbide Motion to controls bitzero, bitsetter which are very good for me.

You can still use Carbide Motion when you are machining, but you can just have a different sender when you are using your laser. Carbide Motion is apparently very limited on options; It’s made for beginners.

FYI, you can still use your bitzero/bitsetter with other senders that allow macros (You just need to know how to write manual macros). I use the bitzero on CNCjs, and am going to set it up for a custom made “bitsetter” in short time. :wink:

UPDATE: You may be able to get around Carbide Create having you stop the program if you enable “BitRunner” in the settings. Are you using bitrunner to turn your laser on/off. or are you keeping it on? You would probably leave streaks in your work-piece if you leave it on all the time.

I found a gcode sender cncjs which is more robust. It allows me to have macros to control bitzero probe and bitsetter probe just like Carbide Motion.

Thanks for all replies.

Why not use LightBurn to control your laser? It works quite differently to Carbide Motion and has a lot of features for lasers.

I know. I know. Use CNC router software to control router and CNC laser software to control laser!!! Do I win a prize? :smiley:

I’ve read so many times on here that $40 or $50 dollars is way too much to pay for software; then they add 10 free softwares to the list (half that no longer exist and half of the rest are no longer supported.) Just you wait. There’s already one. :smiley:

I know that @neilferreri is the guru on CNCJS so why not go that way? :smiley: