Spindle seating in the spindle mount

I added an extra waste board and sometimes have found I don’t have enough clearance for thicker stock, or at least to use the touch probe on thicker stock.

Can I move the spindle up in the mount to give myself the extra clearance? I

The instructions say to “Push the spindle all the way down into the mount. The spindle mount should be gripping the Dewalt at the very top of the body, just before it begins to taper out.” but they dont say you cannot have it higher.

I know I would have to make sure the machine could actually reach the lowest point I would want to cut but depth normally isn’t the problem, its clearance.


Yes, adjusting the spindle up is fine — actually helps reduce lever effects.

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Makes one wonder why the instructions say that, doesn’t it? :smiley:


The default mount for the spindle is all the way down to ensure that folks can cut as deeply as is possible, esp. for folks who are putting threaded inserts into the wasteboard.

Well, without a stated reason not to, it just seemed like it was written that way for more reach. But since I have moved my work 3/4 inch up, it would make sense that I can hit the same depth as intended if I move my router up in the mount by that much.


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