Spindle Seizing

Had the nomad for less than a week and the spindle is making a loud grinding noise. I’m cutting into 6061-T6 Al using a 1/8 flat endmill and motor stops less than 2 min of run time. It’s been milling this part without any problems but I’m down to the last 10% of my part. I’ve lowered the feed (20mm/min) and plunge(10mm/min) rate drastically. Does anyone know how to check the spindle for bearing issues?

If you disengage from the material, and spin the spindle by hand, does it require a lot of force? Make noise? Are the belts from the motor to the spindle aligned? Does the spindle cartridge move up and down in the bracket? Does the motor move if you try and move it in the bracket? Are you sure the noise is coming from the spindle, and it’s not a chowdered endmill (look at the end under magnification, if it is goobered up with aluminum…there’s your problem, try a new endmill and see what happens)

When I disengage from the material and spin by hand I feel resistance and hear a grinding noise.

Belt is aligned.

Spindle cartridge doesnt move up and down.

I’m 100% sure it’s not the end mill.

I put it in jog mode with the spindle on and can hear the grinding noise but not as often.

Well, there you go. I would check in with support@carbide3d.com and the guys there can probably get you fixed up, they seem pretty responsive.

I did, just trying to see if other ppl have this issue to see how common this is…

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