Spindle size to match shapeoko xl?

I jusy ordered a vfd and spindle with cooling pump. Thos package deal came with a spindle mounting bracket. The spindle is 80mm can anyone tell me if I have made an error and ordered something too big?

Depends which Z axis you’re running.

We recommend a 65mm trim router for either the belt drive or Z-Plus so as to be light enough for the mechanism.

For heavier spindles the HDZ supports 65mm or 80mm mounts:


I’m running the zplus, so I guess that I will returning the spindle?

Some folks use a spindle on the Z-Plus — just use the 69mm mount and 65mm spindle reducing ring for a 65mm spindle if the weight of the spindle allows.

Thanks for your advice, I am returning the 2.2kw and looking into a 1.5 kw 65mm. The weight of the spindle is 6.2lbs. Will this be ok?

there’s another reason to go 65mm btw… much easier to find dust shoes that aren’t horrible

We recommend that folks use an HDZ if mounting a spindle rather than a trim router — may be worth trying though — some folks have been successful with them.

I understand, but just spent bucks on my xl- xxl upgrade on my shapeoko.

there’s 800, 1.1 and 1.5kW ones at 65MM.

I got an 800W very recently and for wood… it’s amazing and more than powerful enough.
At least… I was not pushing super hard before and an likely still chicken :slight_smile:

Are you using on a shapeoko with the zplus?

I got a HDZ before Z plus existed… so no.
I sent back a 2.2kW (they sent me a used, rusted one a the wrong voltage) and the 2.2 was HUGE and heavy. The 800W is not tiny, but it’s much more in line of what the wood routers were like in size/weight. I imagine a 1.5kW being more heavy though.

data: the dewalt 611 router is listed as 2.5kg or so… while an 800W spindle is roughly 3kg.
2.2kW is more in the 5 to 6kg range

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I had a friend weigh his new 1.5kw it weighs 6.2lbs

that’s about the same then… so close to a dewalt router (which works well in HDZ)

I’ll repeat again that 65mm diameter is worth a lot… for ease of finding nice dust shoes.
(the selection for 80mm is very thin)

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:+1: great can’t wait to get it

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