Spindle Speed Control max speed config

Just got a VFD hooked up to my SO3 XXL and it seems to be working quite well with one issue that I’ve run into. The speed parameter that carbide create sends is the programmed spindle speed in the toolpath. Meaning 18000 RPM is S18000, 24K RPM is S24000, etc… However, my board seems to be putting out the PWM to the spindle relative to S1000. So anything higher than S1000 is 24K RPM, S500 is 12K RPM, etc… Searching through the forum I see that in GRBL $30 is the parameter that adjusts this so $30 = 24000 should fix this issue. However, I don’t see where to add this to get it into the configuration. I’m thinking this should be in the carbide motion setup but where? If I’m completely on the wrong track with this, can you point me in the right direction because I haven’t found it through searching the forum yet. Thanks for the help!!

You would input $30=24000 in the MDI tab. For all other (non-VFD) cases $30=1000 is the correct default so that accessories like the BitRunner will work correctly.

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Is this something that has to be done everytime I go to run a job or does putting it into the MDI tab write it to the controller non-volatile memory?

Saved on the controller, unless you ever re-flash settings in CM.

Awesome, thank you so much!