Spindle speeds up before settling to specified speed?

New guy finally loading a file in Carbide Motion.

I’m trying to do diamond drag and in my CC file the spindle speed is set to 1 rpm bu when I t try to run the .nc file in CM I have to hit the kill switch.

The spindle moves to the start position and pauses, then the spindle cranks up to at least 10k and starts to descend. I cut the power and scratch my head.

Is the fault in my file or does the spindle always ramp up before switching to the proper speed and I just bailed out too soon?

HEB Nomad Engrave SS.c2d (1.2 MB)

HEB Nomad engrave ss.nc (32.7 KB)

I don’t know how to read the .nc file. Is there a line that indicates spindle speed?

For a diamond drag the speed should be ZERO. Not sure how to tell CC that, but in the worst case just unplug the router.

The speed command is the M03S1.

What is your spindle? If it’s a router, then the speed settings in the NC file don’t actually control the speed, they would just turn on the bit-runner if you have one.

If you have a ‘real’ spindle, the S1 probably just goes to whatever the controllers min RPM is, which I doubt is as low as 1.

Forgot to mention it’s a Nomad 3 so I have no control over the spindle except within CC, where I set the speed to 1 (zero isn’t allowed if I remember correctly).

Do my files reflect that? I’m too green to analyze but it looks like (to me) the speed is set correctly.

Either just unplug the router. Or edit the gcode file to reflect spindle off.

Just set to M05 which is spindle off command.



From the .nc file. So why does the spindle ramp up?

I let the file run this time. The stock was a just a test piece of aluminum so I thought it wouldn’t do much harm if the spindle did spin.

And it spun the whole time, very fast if not full speed and the spring loaded diamond tool survived.

So why is the spindle turning? The .nc file does say M05.

Right after that M05 code you have M03S1 which is turning the spindle on.
Edit the M03S1 out and you should be good to go.

Thanks Peter. What is a good way to edit gcode on Mac?

I don’t have a Mac, I would just use notepad equivalent.

Found out how to open on Mac,

control click file>choose app suggested (Text Edit) and it opens.

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