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Hi All

I’m pretty much a newbie to CNC. I have an XXL and I purchased an HDZ unit from Mr. Beaver (Still waiting on it arrival Luke, if you see this). Anyway I’m thinking of adding a spindle and VFD to it. 220V. is not a problem for me. My question is air or water cooled and how many watts is recommended for good wood results. And maybe some light aluminum work in the future. Any links for this hardware would also be appreciated.



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The community has notes on this at: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Spindle_Options

Kress is supposed to be coming out w/ a hobbyist-oriented spindle w/ control option since their buyout.


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Hi Gary

First off I had parts come this morning for another batch of HDZ’s. Yours is on this list. I hope to be shipping by towards the end of the week :smiley: The only thing that might delay this is limit switches, as the extension cables are currently MIA.

For those who've bought a #beavercncHDZ parts are now in! Assembly and shipping expected this WEEK! #shapeoko3 #beavercnc #beaverhdz #carbide3d #upgrades #CNC

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A bit of a blast from the past, but it will be useful.

I’d personally go 2.2kw water cooled. Water cooled are quieter than the air cooled. 2.2kw also gives you er20 collets - you can be milling with a huge range of bits.


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