Spindle / VFD issue

I bought the spindle Carbide Spindle Kit for my new Shapeko 5. When it arrived the spindle would not spin up the round light on the front was barely lit up. After some time with support I was instructed to return the VFD for repair.

I got the VFD back and things were great for about 6 weeks, last night went out to start a project and the spindle would not start up. The light in front is extremely dim again.

Not having much luck contacting support today. Anyone had similar issue, have a clue on how to repair it or have any other ideas? I have lots or work due and this sending it back forth for repairs is going to kill my business.

Looks like your callback request just came in 18 minutes ago and the ticket is open on someones screen right now. There’s no other email that came in from you.


Didn’t mean for that to come across as a complaint. It’s not your guys have always been great (see past comments about staff). Tried text / chat first then tried to call, then tried an email the final step was the request for a call. Oscar has contacted me and we scheduled for a call at 3pm.

I like Shapeko so much I have two of them. :beer::beer:


Had the same issue today. The LED around the button on the control box is very dim and it doesn’t spin. Before it stopped spinning completely, any speed commands from the MDI only resulted in a sub 1000 RPM value on the control box display. I had a piece of expensive stock ready to go and before I noticed what was going on, the machine drug the bit across the stock when it wasn’t spinning. C3D support was very responsive and want me to send the control box back for inspection/repair, just waiting on a shipping label. It’s disappointing since I’ve only had the Pro 5 for a couple of months and I’ve already had to get a replacement spindle due to bad bearings. The rest of the machine has been working great though.

I sent my vfd back in also same problem i only had mine for a month

I love their tech support and I know they don’t produce these spindles. The price is good but I would rather pay more and get a more reliable one. They did however send me a new one and the new one is running great. I have a couple friends running the PWC spindle. They love them. If this new one dies I’ll probably make the switch.

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