Splitting a 3d relief into two

Hey all- I know this has been discussed in the past & I’ve read a few threads and downloaded g-code ripper as well. I am very much new to this so please simplify for me!

Trying to split a 3d relief file into two cuts (it says its a 6hr cut, two 3 hr cuts would be preferred).

G-code ripper was mentioned on here. Downloaded it, split the file into two (black & white sections. I am attempting to save these files but it wants to save them as .ngc files. (Don’t see another option for saving as .gcode).

I try to open these .ngc files in carbide motion but it states unsupported g-code. Easy fix here?

I’ve read the info on manually editing the g-code but I’m uneasy on what is included in the preamble, and what I need to leave after. I’ll link my gcode file if it helps.


Thank you


.ngc files are encrypted G-Code — you can get them unencrypted by:

  • connecting to the machine
  • opening the file in Carbide Motion
  • click on the file name — you should get a text view which you can copy and paste into a new document and save
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so it could be as easy as opening a new file in notepad, and saving as .gcode?

yes, that’s exactly it.

Thanks as always :+1:

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