Squaring The Machine?

There is no need to tighten the bolts completely. Later in the installation, you will “square” the machine and tighten all bolts.

I’m finally putting my XXL together after some lengthy medical problems. Luckily all the parts are here, but I can’t say that much about the assembly instructions.

Now I’ve ventured to the point of installing the belts, and I’m a little leery of going ahead with only the promise of a section on “squaring” the machine. That quote above is at any place where there’s a screw or bolt going in.

All the bolts are still loose, and I don’t see any “squaring” section anywhere.

Check out the assembly instructions for the XL, there is a section about squaring the machine:

I think the XXL instructions may only have the XXL specific details?

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Thanks for that. Since I bought the XXL, I wasn’t in the mindset that I needed to look everywhere for everything! I’ll not make that mistake again.

They have three specific links for the three machines: 3, XL and XXL. Go figger.

Makes me wonder what else was left out on the XXL.

This might help ? Winston Moy goes into squaring at 2.59 mark.

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