Standard XXL upgrade to Pro option?

Is a future upgrade kit going to be available from the standard XXL to the Pro? I have an HDZ, primarily looking for the rail upgrade.

Nope, it has been mentioned that every part on the SO Pro is different, you’d basically be buying a new machine at that point. The HDZ also isn’t supported on the Pro (yet). Would recommend either selling your SO3 and using that money to upgrade or next best thing is


I just ordered my 1,000mm rails yesterday to start this upgrade.


Thanks for the quick reply and link! I kinda figured that, hadn’t really researched all the Pro changes the rails just caught my attention. Looks like I’ll be scheduling a new upgrade.


Anxious to hear how it goes!

I hear ya!. I am terrible about tweaking and making upgrades. Can’t seem to help myself. I am assembling a Shapeoko 4 XXL now, but would have opted for the Pro had it been available at the time!

You’ll love the SO4, it’s actually our favorite machine.


I am counting on it! We did our fair share of comparisons and selected the Shapeoko because we felt it represented a good value and offered some better options than others. And the community was important too!

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