Standing Work Station Converter

My first multi-piece project, all done parametrically in F360. Very pleased with the result :slight_smile:

(2) 3/4"x 2ā€™ x 4ā€™ birch ply G2S from home depot
1/8" flat endmill, 2mm DOC @ 1500mm/min

New techniques:
Multi component files
nesting using linked components, so parameters carry over from assembly to 2d manual nest
Model parametrics
Using joints in F360
Dogbone add-in

Lessons Learned:
up-cut vs down cut bits on plywood
should invest in a compression bit
pay better attention to center of gravity calculations

Next steps:
find a way to create OWSJ patterns (or similar space filling structural pattern, gotta save some weight)
Convince co-workers they all need one !


Suggestion: Another shelf like that for the laptop set halfway between the laptop shelf and the keyboard for all of those messy papers we still need handy? Looks great though! Good idea.

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Very cool. How easy is it to move the table up and down?

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Each shelf is fairly easy to move, a little too easy too be honest. If there is any weight in on the back edge of shelf they will slide down a few notches. Iā€™m considering drilling dowel holes along the back outside face of the uprights to lock it prevent the shelves from falling.

Also thinking about adding a shallow slot in main shelf to rest my note books/loose paper against central board.

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