Start from center of design

I know that this has been covered in a previous thread, but I having trouble and would appreciate some help

I need to cut some oblong hole ( a racetrack shaped “tab”)) in very thin (.062") carbon fiber that is being used as a decorative piece in the profile of an aircraft rib. The ribs are much bigger than the tabs which are only 1.5 mm wide by 4 mm high. I need to start in the center of tab, because the wing cross section does not allow the use of the traditional stock size menu that starts off the design questions in carbide create. When I use the “tool path zero” set to center, the red/white ball moves to the piece size I have arbitrarily set (25 * 25 cm) but when I go to tool paths, the software still wants to start at inside/outside right/left in the enter of my arbitrary stock size, not in the center of the cutout that I need to create. I can easily mark the center of the tab that I need to cut out, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get CC to start there.

Any help would be appreciated.



Carbide Create tries to optimize toolpath ordering for most efficient cutting.

The only way to control this is to select less geometry at a time, and assign a separate toolpath to each selection.

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