Start Sequence When Drilling

It seems when I start a program the router sends all axis to the start point at same time.

Can I change this to have it send x and y to start point, pause a second or two, then drop the z axis?

My issue is when drilling with a very VERY small drill bit the bit breaks as it’s dragging into material when all axis’s jet over to the start point.

I’d prefer the Z axis not drop until the X and Y have found their starting point.

Any help here is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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If you are hand coding this thats quite simple and would be done by having your code as:
G00 X(Coordinate) Y(Coordinate)
(Start Drilling routine; this would vary based on your drilling strategy)

I’m using Carbide Create and Carbide Motion for everything right now.

You could post your program and then simply edit the code after posting, whether there is a way to do that within Carbide Create I’m not sure, I’d have to defer that to others.

I assume you have material which starts off higher than the top of the area which you are going to cut.
In which case you need to set your stock top to highest thickness anywhere.
Then add a toolpath which does a thin dummy pass some height higher than top of all the stock.
Secondly add another toolpath in the same x/y are but with the correct desired height.

The first toolpath will ensure Z stays high until it’s in the area, then the second can kick in and do the cuting.

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