Starting at toolchange

how do i start at tool change. carbide create and motion to re run certain tools after program is complete

If you have a BitSetter, it simply needs to be configured per the guide:

and in Carbide Create, “Carbide 3D Shapeoko” needs to selected under Edit | Select Post-processor.

If you don’t have a BitSetter, please see:

In the way back days you made separate toolpaths for each tool. Then you disabled all but one toolpath and saved the gcode. Then you disabled the one you just saved and enabled another then rinse and repeat until all your toolpaths were saved individually.

Fast forward to the BitSetter days (current) and you still create all your toolpaths and be sure to order them for least intrusive first to most intrusive last. So that means drilling holes, vcarving and last cutting your project out. As @WillAdams said above you pick the post processor for Shapeoko and/or Nomad and when the toolpaths are created you will get a command in the gcode asking you to change the tool by number. So the first toolpath runs and then the machine comes to the front center and prompts you to change the tool. Then the new tool is taken over to the BitSetter and the tool length is determined and internally an offset is made to bring the second tool to the z zero of the first tool. Then repeat as necessary until you are finished.

So this procedure works for multi tool jobs and advanced vcarve.

Now if you dont have a BitSetter then you do as I said in the first paragraph enabling and disabling multiple toolpaths until you get each toolpath saved with a unique name. In V6 and below you save the gcode individually. In v7 you still enable and disable toolpaths but you give the file a unique name and save. You can save the file in v7 with the same name and the individual toolpaths enabled/disabled. The disabled toolpaths are still saved with the file but I find it simpler to just save the file with unique names based on the individual toolpaths. 6 of one and half a dozen of another.

I understood the question differently. And I have the same one. Is there any way to run a toolpath that has two tools (let’s say Adv V Carve with a flat endmill tool, too) and then once it has run, re-run just the second tool’s toolpath? I know I could create individual toolpaths and run them separately, but the question is, can i run just one tool in a NC sequence? I think the answer is NO, but I’ve wished I could do it a couple of times - instead I edited the GCode manually and removed the part I didn’t want to rerun.

Any toolpath other than Advanced Vcarve can use the enable/disable to run just that path. However the Advanced Vcarve as made by CC cannot be separated. Now if you search the forum there is a user Fenrus that has an online tool that will separate an Advanced Vcarve into the component parts. Since I dont need the services not sure where it is but it has been discussed on the forum many times so you should be able to find the link to the site.

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