Starting mid program

Is there a way to restart at a certain line of the program? I was doing some very shallow engraving and my material had a low spot and details got missed. Can I start at line 3000 for example? If so how is that done?

You will need to edit the G-code file manually, there is a bit on that on the wiki:

If you post your original file, and the edited file you intend to use to restart, we should be able to double-check if you did it correctly

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Are you familiar with Modal Codes. I’d start there.

Some what. I don’t have them memorized but understand the concept of them.

Thanks. That all makes sense. Next time I get to play on mu computer I will edit the program.

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also I can suggest using to verify especially the first few steps in the program after the edit…

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So Modal gcodes are placed at areas of the program as needed, the problem is that you need to know which modal codes are present during a splice…meaning to the newbie, splitting gcode can be very dangerous…in fact, even though I have been in this game for 25+ years, I almost NEVER split a program. (or attempt to edit a program to start where I left off)

Here is what I do rather than hand edit. Lets say you are roughing OR finishing a part which will take many hours, and you get a disconnect…or you need to leave…or what ever… I make note of the critical dimension. It’s usually the Z axis. I then hop over into Fusion, or Carbide Create, and have the program start at slightly above that dimension.

If you were to look at my GCode library, you would see something like this:

Desk Gadroon Lower Back Forth Molding FIN 6mm TAPER Rev
Desk Gadroon Lower Back Forth Molding FIN 6mm TAPER Rev B 0.360 Z

Meaning I needed to stop the program and I restarted it at a new Z depth (Ref I probably stopped at 0.375"

Hope this has helped

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