Startup problems

I am trying to fire up my new xxl. I am getting 3 error messages…Serial port device not found; Homing cycle failed; Homing cycle failed couldn’t find limit switch. I did send the $22=1 code to MD to enable homingI. The limit switches appear to be where they should be. I hope someone can straighten me out.

Go to board and make sure the limits switches are all plugged in correctly. I had missed a pin on one of mine first time.

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After checking if the limit switches are plugged in correctly, check whether they are working: push each of them manually and check that each time an LED lights up on the controller board, only when the switch is triggered. This will be confirmation that wiring & switches are ok.

The remaining part is to make sure that it will be possible for the machine to trigger the switches mechanically: with the machine turned off, slowly move each axis in turn towards its switch, and observe whether the switch does get pushed (just enough to make it click). A typical problem is incorrect/inaccurate assembly, causing the X or Y switch to be impossible to reach because the side plates contact first.

Finally, make sure to have sent your machine configuration in the “Settings” menu (select “Shapoeko XXL” and “send config data”). This will take care of adjusting all $ parameters correctly. Ignore the fact that next time you launch Motion, this drop-down menu will read “Shapeoko”, it’s just the default drop-down entry and does not reflect what’s actually in your machine.

The “Serial port device not found” may be normal if you only get it when you turn off the machine while Carbide Motion is still open. The error messages stick, just click them away if they bother you. Since you were able to send $22, I assume the machine does connect correctly.