Stepper motor have noise, how to solve?


In an attempt to reduce stepper motor noise from my RS-CNC32, I purchased some DM542T stepper motor driver from ( and some NEMA23 replacements from Ooznest (2305HS280AW and 2303HS200AW).

Unfortunately when I tested this combination it was considerably noisier than the original TB6600 and 57BYBH56 kit motors. Swapping the 2.0A and 2.8A motors around didn’t improve things. There is a noticeable white noise from the motors while stationary and a lot of stepper motor noise when they’re moving. The vibrations are amplified when i hold the motor against a solid object like the aluminium frame of my router or a block of wood.

Using the old (cheap) motors with the DM542T drivers give a significant noise reductions compared to the original setup and give a much better torque and holding performance. (Highly recommended)

I would really like to get these motors working but they have to be quieter. It looks like some DM542 drivers have an auto setup feature when you toggle sw4 switch but this doesn’t seem to do much with these drivers.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Hi @maoyunkie43,

This is a forum for Carbide3D CNC machines so this question should probably be adressed to the manufacturer of your CNC or a generic CNC forum?

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OK, got it, i will ask for help from my friend, thanks

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