Stepping motor replacement

So I was sent a replacement stepping motor for my Z axis.
I am assuming that you remove it from the four bolts through the frame?
Anyone know off hand what size that is?
(Running to the hardware store)
Also, once the motor is off, how does the new motor connect to the gear?

Appreciate any advice!

Someone got confused and didn’t realize the specifics of your machine — please send these photos in to and we’ll get this worked out.


Sending now.

Appreciate it!

For anyone else who sees this in the future, the stepper motor is integrated with the lead screw, you can’t just buy an off-the-shelf NEMA17 and couple it like you might on other machines.

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Am pretty new to this and was sent the part from C3d🤷‍♂️
Is there an off the shelf replacement?
For future reference?

No, there is no off-the-shelf replacement. If you need a replacement for a Nomad stepper motor, talk to Carbide 3D support. As Will said, it looks like they got confused in this case and sent you the wrong part.

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