Sticky Suckit Dust Boot Fixed

I’ve had the Suckit Dust Boot for a while, and I’ve had a nagging problem with it. The left “ear” was always very sticky–it made using it and adjusting it difficult enough that I tended to avoid using it. My initial attempt to fix this was the time-honored tradition of ignoring it and hoping it would go away.

This weekend I resolved to fix it or send a strongly worded letter to the people at Suckit Dust Boots and demand satisfaction. I assumed there must have been some sawdust or other debris interfering. Took it apart… nothing. Tried a little lubricant, no improvement. After taking it apart and putting it back together at least a dozen times, it occurred to me that the red slider piece might be running sliding against the the piece of the Z-axis that is right behind it. Took out my sander and literally just touched the sander to the back of the red slider for about 5 seconds, re-assembled, and now it slides up and down with ease.

I only had to live with problem for months–probably a year and a half? Before getting down and figuring it out.



I am going to fix all my problems tomorrow. Of course when tomorrow gets here it is today and I am going to fix the problems tomorrow and not today. This is an example of an infinity loop.

Let those among us cast the first stone if they have not thought in their head I will fix that tomorrow.

My favorite Uncle Don and Aunt Mace (Navy Commander of the Corpus Christi, Texas Naval Air Station “for too long” and WWII vet) finally retired to the Baja for awhile and used to remind me that it took them a little while to figure out that mañana didn’t really translate to “tomorrow”.

Mañana just means not today! :smiley:

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