STL save time is super long

Ok, am I doing something wrong or is it just how Fusion is. Anytime I save an STL to my computer for 3D printing using Fusion, it takes several minutes to save, even for the simplest of parts. In a program like SolidWorks, the same part saves in seconds.

I’m very new to Fusion so it could just be a setting or something I have wrong.

Well, that doesn’t happen for me, are you using tools / make / 3d print, unchecking the “send to 3d print utility” and just exporting high refinement?

That sounds alot more involved than what i am doing…i’m just going to file-> save as and picking STL and my local location and clicking save.

Maybe my way is why i’m also not seeing any options to choose the quality of the STL like i normally can do in SolidWorks.

I think you’re suffering a cloud based export.

In the design space, top menu;
{solid, surface, sheet metal, tools} choose tools
Make button, drop down list,
3D print
You get a dialog box;
Select the body or component to print
High refinement
uncheck the “Send to 3D print utility” under “Output”

That’s much faster than messing about with the cloud export and it’s where all the options for detail are. I save from there and open in Slic3r and it works quickly and well.


Just tried it…massive difference!! Thanks @LiamN !


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