Stock size incorrect in simulation [V632 beta & V629]

I re-sized the stock size for a job (from 600 x 400 to 500 x 390) and moved the vectors horizontally to align on the stock. When I simulate the top of the design is drawn off the material. I shuffled the vectors vertically to see if that made any difference - it did not.

I drew a line at 345mm Y (should be on the piece) and simulated and it appears off the top - the simulation seems to think that the piece is 330mm Y.

I experienced this on the V632 beta, so went back to the stable V629 and it is the same. I tried a simple test (a circle on 100 x 100 stock, re-size to 90 x 90) and it worked fine. I suspect there is something in my project that has got mixed up following the re-size.

I then created a brand new project of the correct size, imported the c2d and got the same results. Something is definitely amiss as the simulation sometimes (but not always) shows extra toolpaths (see third image).

Wedding_500x360 (test).c2d (2.0 MB)

After changing the stock size did you save the gcode. The saved gcode is not auromatically updated when you change anything. Perhaps the simulation is showing the gcode you originally saved before you changed things.

I haven’t generated (exported) any GCode yet - I completed the design and created the toolpaths at 600 x 400 but then found a piece of stock to use which was smaller (500 x 390).

The issue that I am seeing is in the simulation where the stock appears to be 500 x 330 not 500 x 390.

The next thing I could so is generate the GCode and see what GSender thinks the max XY are.

I searched for minimum size in CC and it is 25MM so you are definitely not below minimum size.

I’ve done plenty of stuff smaller than 500 x 390 before. I thought this was possibly a bug in the beta but I re-installed V629 and has the same thing. I can try the V5xx but not sure how much value that is.

Let’s see if the C3D gurus can give me any clues.

I don’t see this in 632 on my machine:

so I suspect the difficulty is w/ your video card — the black streak would seem to indicate a rendering problem — update your driver and OpenGL?

It is an old PC that was no longer being used so entirely possible. I’d not seen this issue before and I’ve changed stock size before. The PC was mostly gutted inside but not the video card - I’ll see if there is a new driver for a 15+ year old Nvidia!

I am also reasonably confident that the cut will be as expected - it is just the stock that appears incorrect in the simulation.

I will open it on a new laptop, and also try creating a new project and pasting the objects & recreating the toolpaths (or perhaps just deleting and recreating them). Importing the C2D (to retain the toolpaths) resulted in this behaviour.

Thanks @WillAdams

Nvidia drivers were up to date, but the problem still persists on the old PC. I did find that the simulation was fine if I disabled one particular toolpath (the hearts).

The problem does not occur on a newer PC (laptop) so I am not fussed - I am confident that it will cut OK.

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The hearts showing/not showing causing/not causing the problem is interesting.

I suspect you’re running out of video memory in the card — try turning off View | High Resolution Simulation?

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