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I understand any initializing the machine after an emergency stop may be necessary, but if I pause and stop a job I would like it to NOT re-initialize the machine.

I had to do this this weekend and when the machine re-homed, it was off where it was last time so when I continued my job, everything was shifted.

Please changed the software to NOT re-initialize on a pause stop unless triggered manually by the operator.

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I believe that them taking that route is a safety measure. If a pause is done and then the program stopped, many times it’s because something has gone wrong. Running another job after something like skipped steps is far less safe and likely to damage the material, a tool, the machine, and/or potentially cause something to fly across the shop at high velocity. Many protocols in machine logic are for safety, hobby or industrial.

Now the relative zero being at a different location after you home, points to a mechanical issue that needs to be investigated. That or the material moved. With the proximity switches (late model SO3’s and later) the relative zero should be really consistent.


There are two says to stop a job. One is the big red stop button which stops the job immediately and I believe this should require re-initialization.

The second way is to pause the job and instead of resuming, stop the job. This this path that I believe should not require the machine to be re-initialized.

Red stop means something messed up … pause and stop is oops I forgot something.

My machine is a Shapeoko 4 pro so zeroing is generally very close, but not 100%


How are your belts’ tension? That could be a cause for the error.

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The belts are tensioned per the user manual and I do clean and check them regularily

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