Stopping during cutting

I have not had this issue in a while but today for some reason it is stopping multiple times now
doing a heavy adaptive run at 120ipm so im not sure
ran one part already with no issues,
No dust removal attached

what material were you cutting ?

cherry wood material

the EMI gremlins are unpredictable, it could just be a drier day than usual, or one of the many other possible things. Grounding your machine (e.g. as described in @LiamN’s thread) could (should) help reduce the susceptibility to EMI occurrences.

When you said “no dust removal attached”, does it mean you did not have dust removal at all, as in, no shopvac was on during the cut, or you vacuumed manually ?

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nothing attached im manually running it as it goes
im waiting on my new dust shoe for the z plus

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